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2012-10-14 18:23:19 by BrokenPaperWings

This account is dead.

New Account

2011-01-15 13:24:26 by BrokenPaperWings

Hello everybody, I've made a new account.
New Account!
I've made it on the top five in the audio portal once, I think I will be able to do it again!
Please listen to the one submission I have on my new account, Beside Me, and vote please.

If you've listened to my remix of Dearly Beloved [the one that made it onto the top five] or if you haven't, here it is: Dearly Beloved

Hey There

2010-12-23 20:43:45 by BrokenPaperWings

Hey, DJ BrokinPaper here.
Don't get confused by my username, BrokenPaperWings that was my first name when I was in a group. Now I'm just going by myself producing tracks and hoping you guys like it.

Be sure to listen to my stuff and vote and review.
I am especially proud of Dearly Beloved, a remixed track I did which landed in the top five. It also brought in the most fans. I'm going to need to make more stuff like that.

Feel free to message me about anything you want, just don't troll. If you have any questions, just message me them!

Check my tumblr to see what's going on!

Become a fan if you like my stuff!

New Graphiks

2010-12-19 19:23:54 by BrokenPaperWings

Hey everybody, like my profile pic and the banner?
I know, they are really awesome. My friend made them for me.
Whatchu think? o-o


2010-12-19 01:36:45 by BrokenPaperWings

Hey everybody, what's good?

Hey, DJ BrokinPaper here and I'm just writing this because I'm in a good mood and my song Dearly Beloved landed in the top five this week, and I'm currently working on a new song that is coming out quite well too.
So, once in a while I'll scroll through the blogs and comment on all of the ones with interesting titles or by people who sound interesting XD
So check your blogs! I don't want my comments gone to waste.
Yeah so I'm pretty much in a good mood, despite the fact I got tons of homework to do over the course of from now until the weekend is over.
Oh god.

I think it's about time to get a new symbol, too. I'm getting bored of this one:

Blog commenting and misc stuff to talk about

Hey there, I'm down for a music or flash collab, just p.m. me and tell me what you want to do.

Anyone want to do a collab?

Anyone up for some Monster Hunter Tri?

2010-10-30 14:06:19 by BrokenPaperWings

Hey newgrounds, just wondering if anyone wanted to play Monster Hunter with me. I don't care if you're a total noob or anything, but the name on MH is Thespia, search me up sometimes I may be on. Btw, i'm on East Coast time so right now it is 2:06 P.M.

P.S. I'm rank 44 or something like that.

Devil in You (Lyrics)

2010-07-19 14:19:19 by BrokenPaperWings

Today's the day
I start my life
So bring the rain
Cause' I won't die

I plant my feet
Where all will see
But here you come
To mess with me

There's a devil in you
Yet nobody knew
But I see it all
And I'll tell the world

Of the secrets I saw
They left me in awe
And all that was left
Were the times still ahead

So here I come
I will fight back
So be prepared
To fade to black

The stars at night
Won't bring me light
Cause' you'll be there
To block they're shine

There's a devil in you
Yet nobody knew
But I see it all
And I'll tell the world

Of the secrets I saw
They left me in awe
And all that was left
Were the times still ahead... of us...

So here we are
Back at the start
This is your chance to
Begin again

There was a devil in you
Yet nobody knew
And I saw it all
And I told the world

Of the secrets I saw
They left me in awe
And all that is left
Are these times still ahead of us...


2010-07-09 23:31:55 by BrokenPaperWings

Sir anything can be a lyric.
Beacuse everything can make me feel sick
But if I really had to pick
I'd have a nice long.. nevermind.

Post in response any weird lyrics you may think of and maybe I'll make a song out of all of them!